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Veteran Dog
1st -
Newlaithe Trojan For Treju

Minor Puppy Dog
1st -
Walkon Master Class BPD
2nd - Galicar Investigating With Limubox
3rd - Idleforde Show and Tell To Sheiken
Res - Glenauld Stroller
VHC - Kelsant Jumping Jack

Puppy Dog
1st -
Yeteb Hey Diddle Diddle
2nd - Galicar Investigating With Limubox

Junior Dog
1st -
Walkon Big Star CC & BIS
2nd - Olleyville James Dean
3rd - Frankolina Goldfinger at Sonshoby

Yearling Dog
1st -
Limubox Fool O'Scotch
2nd - Berwynfa Dillyding Dillydong
3rd - Charlons First Time With Maromad
Res - Glenauld Valegro
VHC - Newlaithe Diddle On
Novice Dog

Debutante Dog
1st -
Glenauld Geordie Shore
2nd - Carkennar Struck With Norwilbeck Bellchime
3rd - Idleforde Show and Tell To Sheiken

Graduate Dog
1st -
Manic Keep It Real For Enesha
2nd - Bricliff Prince Charming

Post Graduate Dog
1st -
Casemates Gandalf
2nd - Rameleon Nights In Harlem
3rd - Jimmy Choo at Jinnybrux
Res - Sashbob Le Sorcerer
VHC - Olleyville Stanley Man

Limit Dog
1st -
Wildax Lookin Good at McArmadale
2nd - Surfstone No Nonsense
3rd - Farvalley Dark Night
Res - Idleforde Prime Suspect
VHC - Newlaithe Bug On
Open Dog
1st -
Ch Olleyville Otherston Lad RCC & RBIS
2nd - Ch Lanfrese Ocolardo
3rd - Ch Galicar Mac Steamy at Limubox
Res - Ch Winuwuk Kiss Tag With Sulez
VHC - Berwynfa Blurred Lines With Longsdale
Veteran Bitch
1st -
Farvalley Sirocco's Gift

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st -
Winuwuk Justify My Love at Charlons
2nd - Walkon Classy Chassis
3rd - Winuwuk Lotta Love at Sugarwood
Res - Loraimie Away Wi The Fairies
VHC - Idleforde Chilli Morning

Puppy Bitch
1st -
Yeteb Little Miss Muffet
2nd - Boxania Midnight Spice
3rd - Harvlin Magic Mystery
Res - Chribanna Amethyst Shower
VHC - Lorrosa Scout's Honor

Junior Bitch
1st -
Surfstone Calypso CC
2nd - Frankolina Domino Vitali
3rd - Glenauld Eaden
Res - Bellebox Top Trick
VHC - Joru sealed With a Kiss For Galacticos

Yearling Bitch
1st -
Lanfrese Limelight
2nd - Highcrest Coco Chanel at Berwynfa
3rd - Charlons First Time With Maromad
Res - Glenauld Valegro

Novice Bitch
1st -
Lorrosa Shine Like a Diamond RCC & BPIS
2nd - Newlaithe Wandara
3rd - Newlaithe Dream On Daltamie

Debutante Bitch
1st -
Lorrosa Head Full of Dreams
2nd - Bellbox Aurora

Graduate Bitch
1st -
Surfstone Stormtastic
2nd - Sulez Dollybird
3rd - Farvalley Shooting Star
Res - Jetboom Juicy Gossip About Jinnybrux

Post Graduate Bitch
1st -
Beeann Bootilicious
2nd - Charlons Nostalgia
3rd - Birleyvale Bellissima
Res - Lorrosa Lusty Pleasure
VHC - Applewest a Flash of Magic at Surfstone
Limit Bitch
1st -
Tyegarth Negroni
2nd - Thorpaige Kiss Chase JW
3rd - Greenawell Razmataz For Norwilbeck Bellchime
Res - Jenroy Clarice Cliff With Longsdale
VHC - Taeanut Typescript

Open Puppy Bitch
1st -
Lanfrese Cassini at Sultash
2nd - Ch Lanfrese Chin Chin
3rd - Redmol Ina Pickle at McArmadale
Res - Longsdale's Let It Go
VHC - Ir Ch Rathbride Final Fantasy
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