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Veteran Dog
1st -
Ch Daervlish Because of You JW
2nd - Winuwuk Guilty Pleasure at Zokei
3rd - Ch Kevanor Federer JW
Res - Regal In Red and White

Minor Puppy Dog
1st -
Marsordi Waterfront at Surfstone BPD
2nd - Harvlin Kicking Up A Storm
3rd - Maranseen Linesman at Berwynfa
Res - Hot On His Heels Among Rizzlebox
VHC - Boxsanuk Bieber

Puppy Dog
1st -
Innuendo's at Galicar
2nd - Newlaithe Suited and Booted with Lefergo
3rd - Daervlish Ordinary Love at Birleyvale
Res - Farvalley Dark Warrior
VHC - Surfstone Boogie Knight

Junior Dog
1st -
Lilbox King of Dreams
2nd - Lottalove The Player
3rd - Daervlish Ordinary Love at Birleyvale
Res - Ross Poldark at Mylicam
VHC - Galdenoch Drogan

Yearling Dog
1st -
Ch Walkon Masterclass RCC
2nd - Bjarkeyjar Dancing On Thin Ice to Xandene (Imp)
3rd - Susancar Omar Goodness
Res - Kelsant Jumping Jack
VHC - Glenauld Stroller

Novice Dog
1st -
Newlaithe Quintillion
2nd - Farvalley Heart and Soul
3rd - Farvalley Dark Warrior
Res - Smokescreen at Seacrest

Debutante Dog
1st -
Olleyville Optimistic Lad
2nd - Tyslee Heatwave
3rd - Boxania Rockstar
Res - Glenauld The Hurricane at Borestone

Graduate Dog
1st -
Boxania Spice Guy at Birleyvale
2nd - Ross Poldark at Mylicam
3rd - Olleyville James Dean at Whirlobox
Res - Marbelton Evening All
VHC - Newlaithe Diddle On ShCM

Post Graduate Dog
1st -
Berfynfa Fifty Shadz Freed
2nd - Charlons First Time with Maromad
3rd - Applewest A Touch Of Bold at Caeredin
Res - Bosckoph Dynamo (AI)
VHC - Galicar Investigating With Limubox JW

Limit Dog
1st -
Sashbob Le Sorcerer JW
2nd - Winuwuk Danny Mac
3rd - Jasrumjarvie Rising Star
Res - Olleyville Stanley Man at Whirlobox
VHC - Newlaithe The Fugitive

Open Dog
1st -
Ch Walkon Big Star CC & BIS
2nd - Ch Galicar Mac Steamy at Limubox
3rd - Ch Olleyville Otherston Lad
Res - Marbelton Top Og The Morning
VHC - Seacrest Dodging Bullets

Veteran Bitch
1st -
Ch Susancar Anna Compliss JW
2nd - Newlaithe On Design JW

Minor Puppy Bitch
1st -
Maranseen Sparkle at Walkon
2nd - Maranseen Seduction at Sulez
3rd - Carkennar Shine A Light on Longsdale
Res - Carkennar Gimme Shelter
VHC - Kelsant Ruby Rocket

Puppy Bitch
1st -
Flyingfox Flyinghigh For Uftonponds
2nd - Farvalley Picture Perfect
3rd - Charlons Astute
Res - Barbarossa Pixie Dust
VHC - Kevanor Hot Gossip

Junior Bitch
1st -
Daervlish Elevation
2nd - Bugarivo Maialino

Yearling Bitch
1st -
Ch Vandenrob Tisoni at Glenauld CC & RBIS
2nd - Winuwul Looking For Love (AI)
3rd - Longsdale's Heart of Gold
Res - Loraimie Away Wi The Fairies
VHC - Chribanna Amethyst Shower

Novice Bitch
1st -
Idleforde Chilli Morning
2nd - Daervlish Love Rescue Me at Lochsunart
3rd - Redmol Strike A Pose at McArmadale
Res - Jacintabox Just Amazing by Jinnbrux
VHC - Berwynfa Oh La La

Debutante Bitch
1st -
Taranut Medea
2nd - Bugarivo Maialino
3rd - Harvlin Magic Mystery
Res - Rizzlebox Smoking Hot Stuff

Graduate Bitch
1st -
Boxania Midnight Spice
2nd - Vandenrob Vanessa via Glenauld
3rd - Winuwuk Justify My Love at Charlons (AI)
Res - Bellebox Top Trick
VHC - Lorrosa Head Full of Dreams

Post Graduate Bitch
1st -
Surfstone Stormtastic
2nd - Lorrosa Scout's Honour
3rd - Sunvalley Careless Heart at Jeddhi
Res - Newlaithe Wandara
VHC - Farvalley Shooting Star

Limit Bitch
1st -
Thorpaige Kiss Chase JW
2nd - Lorrosa Shine Like a Diamond
3rd - Charlons Nostalgia
Res - Winuwuk Spice Girl
VHC - Bjarkeyjar Blue Lagoon with Xandene (Imp)

Open Puppy Bitch
1st -
Ch Sunvalley Heart On Fire at Jeddhi
2nd - Winuwuk Brief Affair
3rd - Ch Vandenrob Nina Roche at Glenauld JW
Res - Highcrest Coco Chanel at Berwynfa (Imp)
To Download a Copy of the Bitch Critique CLICK HERE
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